Yep, I was also surprised when a friend of mine mentioned that. I honestly wasn’t aware that EVEN the feminism war was divided by race-_______-. I used to believe that all feminists were fighting for the same cause “EQUALITY”, well at least that’s how it’s supposed to be.

How will we ever be liberated as woman when we can’t even stand as a united front when it comes to feminism? How will men treat us as intellectual equals and social equals when we don’t even view each other  as equals.tug_over_blackwoman

I completely understand that as women we come from different backgrounds and we’ve been through different difficulties, however the divide and conquer strategy won’t help in this circumstance. By being divided, feminists give the greater public more reason to think that we are negative, retrogressive and useless.  I recently read an article by Kesiena Boom, when she was trash talking white feminists and as a woman I was appalled. She listed things that white people do that annoy her. I understand that she is frustrated by ignorance however, Miss Boom did you know that white people aren’t the only ignorant people in the world? I know a list of black,indian, and chinese woman who are as ignorant as some white people can be. How about we educate woman in general instead of turning feminism into a racial circus?

As much as certain black women think white women are ignorant, some white women think black women are too angry and violent in their approach to the topic. Feminism isn’t about being perfect, it isn’t a competition about who’s feminism strategy is better than the other. If that was the case then we’d just be defying the objective of equality.images (1)

 “To me feminism is about equality among men and woman not a matter of us vs them either. If you’re a feminist u simply believe in equality”  @Kidd_Mellow Twitter_logo_blue



It’s surprising to know that certain people from continents outside of Africa, think that we’re incapable of being stylish or even starting trends.  This biased stereotype is based on the fact that initially(like YEARS BACK) African’s wore animal skin.Well I hope this blog post will clear out uncertainties.

African style has evolved with the times, we’ve definitely caught up with the rest of the world. Africa is even starting it’s own trends. My favorite trend  is the West African ankara trend, ankara is a pattern made of geometric shapes. 

Well like fashionista’s all over the world we also follow trends or incorporate international trends and fuse it with our own style.

As cliche’ as this is going to be, my international style icon definitely has to be Rihanna. This is because she isn’t afraid of taking risks, hence she’s such an influential trendsetter. My South African style icons have to be Bonang Matheba and Khanyi Mbau

Bonang Matheba #KeeFab

Bonang Matheba #KeeFab

Khanyi Mbau #KeeFab

Khanyi Mbau #KeeFab

Beyonce rocking Ankara

Beyonce rocking Ankara

Draya looking AMAZING in Ankara #KeeFab

Draya looking AMAZING in Ankara #KeeFab

Shall I do A Matalan Haul!? (Random Shop Choice)

I couldn’t help but get a #Shoegasm when I saw these boots such perfection #KeeFab

Brought to you by, Hannah


How nice are these boots!!! They are from Matalan, which many people were shocked about but I picked up loads and loads of lovely items from there and I was wondered if I should do a Youtube Haul or not!? Let me know in the comments. It is probably quite a unknown shop to some but it is a step up from Primark!!!


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